I grew up surrounded by music. It took me a few years to realize I could make it myself. I sang throughout life, but when I began my journey with the piano at seventeen, I was hooked. I play all kinds of music, by ear, and by notes. To me, it is the output that matters, and the way you tell the story and connect with others. Who cares how you absorbed or processed it?

I'm always learning something new. These days, piano is still my primary instrument, but I also dabble with the guitar and various other keyboard instruments too.

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Various Recordings

A random selection of sounds: some serious, some silly.
Amazing Grace (Rough)
Mar 2012
An extremely rough and off-the-cuff cut of a timeless tune.
Adam & Eve
Dec 2011
A throwback to some Christian Metal, baby! The amazing Shane Faulkner on lead vocals. This was inspired by a hilarious clip we heard of someone proposing song ideas. We could have made an entire album from the track names but we only had a short time to drop this one for fun.
Like That (Partial)
Nov 2011
Throwback to some mid-90's funky b-boy hip-hop. Shane Faulkner on lead vocals and we even threw in some rap!
Smells Like Bacon
Mar 2011
A semi-successful country musician pitches his greatest hits.
Going Home (Partial Demo)
Dec 2009
Fly Me to the Moon
Dec 2009
Along Came Jones (Studio)
Feb 2009
Yes We Can Can
Jan 2009
In memory of Allen Toussaint. This was a quick version i did with Shane Faulkner a few years back
Prelude in A minor (2007)
Mar 2007
Along Came Jones (Partial Demo)
Jun 2006
Chopin - Nocturne Op. 48, no. 1
Dec 1995
This is a very old recording from my Senior Recital at Shorter College in 1995. I think i have a better audio version somewhere but until i find it, i apologize for the wobbliness!
Scherzo for Piano (Partial)
Mar 1995
Bartok - Mikrokosmos, Bk. 6, no. 153
Dec 1994
Another rough recording from my Junior Recital at Shorter College in 1994. A few rough patches, but hey, i'd only been playing a few years at this point. I'm not sure i could even play this piece now. Fun times.


This is an ever-growing playlist of some of my favorite musicians, past and present. Their grooves just resonate in a way that makes them stand out above others. Enjoy!